+91 83742 34734
Morning: 6am - 1pm, Evening: 3pm - 9pm
+91 83742 34734
Morning: 6am - 1pm, Evening: 3pm - 9pm

About Biohm

BIOHM is founded and created by Manasa Machani, also known as Mana.

She started her career as a Medical Language Specialist in the US Healthcare Industry. A very challenging job to be on par with the US standards, having worked on multiple medical specialty departments with US physicians for about 12 years. She got an in-depth knowledge of the human body, medical science and medical terminologies. Having worked in a sitting job for this many years, she made up her mind to be out of it soon. She realized it is not helping her to be fit and active. By nature, a tomboyish and hyperactive person, she made it into the fitness and wellness industry. Getting certified in many fitness and wellness programs in the last 8 years. A well-known, certified versatile fitness and wellness expert in Hyderabad!! In 2010, she first got certified as a Reebok instructor, doing aerobic classes for Wipro company having a group of 30 plus corporate employees in a class for about 1.5 years.

After 2 years, She got certified as a Zumba instructor.
She started from basic Zumba to Zumba Sentao, Zumba Step, Strong by Zumba, Piloxing, & Labooca Instructor. Every program is different from another. It makes you feel happy and forget about the workout. You get to enjoy, feeling the song and moving to the beats, that’s an ultimate thrill to experience!!

It’s a good feeling!! You will love to move your body with all of the DIFFERENT fitness programs here at BIOHM. She completed her PG in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition while working part-time as a fitness instructor. Being professionally in the medical industry for 12 plus years, this was her interest to become. She says nutrition is the key to weight loss.

The choices of food we make can be fat-storing foods or fat-burning foods. Likewise, we need to think twice to understand how food can also be a form of medicine or a slow poison. There is a thin line.
She has gained a lot of knowledge, that she loves learning and exploring more into it. The clients enrolling into her nutrition programs have found good results with weight loss. She believes the key is to have balanced, nutrition-rich foods, that are both easy and enjoyable in this busy life and lifestyle.

Eat for nutrition, not for calories. You will go really well!!

Mana is also a certified and registered Yoga teacher, Pregnancy Yoga coach & Yoga Therapist.
She has done many corporate yoga sessions and yoga workshops in the IT companies. Doing a wonderful yoga program is her game. It can be work stress release, anxiety, body pain, body stiffness, mental fatigue, etc. You will be assured of an enjoyable yoga class with movement, balance, breath work and release of stress and sweat!!

She has also been a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher in Apollo Cradle for 2 years. She had a good amount of experience in the last 2 years to help pregnant mothers go extremely well during their 9 months of pregnancy. She gives different yoga programs for all of the three trimesters, to avoid complications and keep the mother and growing infant healthy. You will learn how to take care of the pregnant body with the changes from the first to the ninth month.
Added to that, she is also a Postnatal Yoga Coach. She provides post-delivery recovery and weight loss programs. Mothers should avoid cardio, gym and strenuous workouts soon after delivery. Postnatal yoga after delivery is the right way to bounce back. It’s an excellent way to help mothers in recovery, healing, to get back in shape, relax and ease the stress out.

Being a medical language specialist, she got certified as a registered yoga therapist. She addresses health concerns for metabolic disorders, obesity, thyroid disorder, acidity, heartburn, back pain, knee pain, and many other diseases with which the function of the body can restore health back. The body works better when you address the root cause of the organ or system than just treating the symptom.

Yoga therapy is not only yoga or yoga poses. It is more related to the person and his or her own body type, nature, and understanding the cause of the medical issue, the impaired functioning of the body, and how to bring back balance in the body system with medical parameters.

She is also the first Nirvana instructor in Hyderabad. Moving to Music and Breathing to Music, that will promote oxygen to the cell level, which is a major shift in health paradigm. A chill-out program where you will experience the bliss of Nirvana mind. It’s just not a workout, it extends to every aspect of you’re life and well being.
Nirvana does not treat the symptoms, it solves the problem at the root cause.
With all this in her hands – Here comes, her own creation.

BIOHM – A Fitness and Wellness Center :
A unique place, where you will enjoy moving your body and free your mind.
The Ultimate Fitness and Wellness Destination is here, which will make you feel good and live good.
Be Fit, Be Well, Lose Weight While Having Fun. All that You Want – You have it All.

Get into the Zone, It’s the only Destination!

Biohm Fitness, 3rd Floor, Above Andhra Bank, HUDA Layout, Nallagandla, Serilingampally, Hyderabad
+91 83742 34734
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